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Director: John W. Bonn (Donna)
Assistant Director: Steve J. Russo (Linda)
Secretary: Don Owens (Joyce)
Treasurer: Michael Johnson (Nedra)
Divan Rep: Todd Jones
Meeting Date: Third Thursday

The Reception Unit participates in social and other activities of Aladdin Shriners. We greet and ably assist Nobles upon their arrival at Aladdin for Ceremonials, Stated Meetings. and other social activities. Support of the Circus through sales of advertising and ticket sales, along with ushering at all performances is a key function. The Unit also marches in several community parades throughout the year.

Aladdin Shrine Center 3850 Stelzer Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43219-3044
Phone (614) 475-2609 Toll Free (800) 475-3850 Fax (614) 475-8225